Red Dead Redemption 2 High Stakes Treasure Map Locations 1

Where can you find all the High Stakes Treasure Map locations in Red Dead Redemption 2? Are you running short on cash? Not to worry, for you can just hunt down a treasure map or two. These are in short supply, with only three (four if you got a fancy deluxe edition) of them available in the game, but they're well worth tracking down.

Each provides you with thousands of dollars in gold bars, so you'll never go wanting where money is concerned if you beat all of them. In this guide, we'll help you find the treasure located on the High Stakes treasure maps. If you've already done this one, you can also track down the Jack Hall Gang and Poisonous Trail treasure maps.

High Stakes Treasure Map 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 High Stakes Treasure Map Locations 11

To get the first treasure map you actually have to trigger a random event with a treasure hunter. You can only get this random event to trigger during chapter three, so progress through the story if you haven't got that far yet. If you have, ride around the area of the map displayed above and you should eventually find the treasure hunter.

If you feel like you've passed and ignored this dude a few times already, visit a fence to see if they have the first treasure map. After you've passed and ignored this guy three times in total, the map will then appear at a fence.

Anyway, once you've found the treasure hunter, you have to wrestle the map off him. Lasso the poor sod and loot it off his body then leave him there or cut him free depending on the type of guy you want to be. You now have the first treasure map.

High Stakes Treasure Map 2

Recognise the waterfall on the map? That's right – it's Cumberland Falls. Head on over there and get to the right side of the waterfall – that's the right side when facing it, by the way.

Now, pass over the log bridge and climb up and behind the waterfall. Once in there you'll easily find the next treasure map.

High Stakes Treasure Map 3

Time to whip out your winter coat because you're about to take a trip to the Grizzlies. Head to west Grizzlies and journey to Barrow Lagoon. Once here, you'll find an island in the centre of the frozen lake. Climb on top of it then walk onto the rudimentary log bridge. About halfway across you should see a hole – reach in and grab the third, and final, treasure map.

High Stakes Treasure Location

This treasure can be a bit of a pain to gather. Head on over to Bacchus Station and dismount your horse due west of the name on the map. You'll see tiny ledge you can get on top of on the cliff face. Head down there and move right, dropping down the platforms and ducking as necessary. Eventually, you'll find a small hole in the cliff face that hides your gold bars. Good work!