Red Dead Redemption 2 Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map Locations 1

Stuff ain't cheap in Red Dead Redemption 2. There's so much to spend your hard-earned (read: stolen) cash on from new outfits, to horses, and camp upgrades that help Dutch and the gang live a little bit freer. Suffice to say that you're going to need a bunch of dollar if you plan on getting the most out of life as a cowboy.

Fortunately for you, Rockstar has hidden three treasure maps throughout the wild west that you can follow to dig up a ton of cash. Following them will also earn you an achievement so you can get that coveted 100% completion. So completionists are going to want to do this anyway.

Before we begin it's worth noting that, while there are four treasure maps to find in total, only three will be available to you unless you pre-ordered the game digitally or splashed out on the special or ultimate physical editions.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map Location

The Jack Hall Gang treasure map can be found from chapter two onwards. To get it, simply head to Flatneck Station, which is almost directly south of Valentine right by the coast of Flat Iron Lake. Now, head due west from Flatneck Station until you find a Stranger called Maximo who offers to sell you a map. You can decline his opening offer to get it at a reduced cost but buy it either way. If you feel like you've already met/killed/lost track of this Stranger, you can grab the map from a fence instead.

Now, you simply have to follow this map to a series of subsequent maps until you reach the treasure. You can either do that the old-fashioned way, using your brain to figure out the locations, or you can let us just tell you by reading on below.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 1

Recognise that rock formation on the treasure map? That's right, it's the rocky range known as Caliban's Seat. If you haven't found it yet, it's pretty central on your map, due south of Valentine. Just head in that direction until you see the river and you'll find the familiar rock formation.

Climb to the top of the formation from the right hand side then look for a path leading down and to the right. Follow it along, jumping across the ledges, until you find a crevice hiding yet another treasure map.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 2

The next treasure map points towards Cotorra Springs, which is due north east of Valentine. Head north from the town until you reach a river. Cross it then keep heading north until you reach a big road, which you can follow all the way to Cotorra Springs.

Once here, seek a rectangular formation of rocks and look under them until you find the third, and final, map.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 3

The third map points towards a lake in O'Creagh's Run, which is even further east than Cotorra Springs. Best way to reach this is to head south until you reach the railroad and follow it east all the way until you reach the section of the map known as Grizzlies East. Head south from the 'S' in 'Grizzlies' until you reach the lake.

Swim to the island in the centre of the lake and look for a small rock, under which you'll find two gold bars, which you can sell to a fence for a whopping $1,000. Congrats! You've beaten the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map!