Cloud saves on PlayStation 4 are just about serviceable at best, aren't they? Uploaded in the background while you're playing the latest game, it's never too much of a hassle. That'll all well and good, but reports have come and gone over the past five years of community struggles when you really start to dig into the feature. That's why gaming forum ResetEra is calling on Sony to improve cloud saves for its next-generation system.

Contained to a single thread at the time of writing, users are sharing the numerous issues they have had with cloud saves during the PS4 generation. When the recent Death Stranding produces far too many autosaves, the cloud's hard cap on 1000 uploaded saves starts to become a bit of a problem, while posters have reported losing all of their supposedly backed-up saves at random intervals. It also becomes a bit of a hassle when someone has two PS4 consoles in the house, and in order to transfer save data between the two, they'll have to mess about with primary system activation settings.

It's not the biggest issue Sony needs to solve when it comes to designing the UI and features of the PlayStation 5, but it's a quality of life improvement that would go a long way to justifying the cost of PlayStation Plus that little bit more. Have you been having any troubles with cloud saves on PS4? Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below.