Death Stranding Save Data Size

The way Death Stranding manages its save data is... Unique, to say the least. The vast, vast majority of games on PlayStation 4 rack up maybe three or four autosaves at a time and let you create a bunch of manual saves if that's what you prefer. Standard stuff. But for whatever reason, Death Stranding has a habit of creating loads of autosaves, to the point where they can actually take up a surprising amount of space.

To be clear, this data isn't going to eat up half of your hard drive or anything like that, but it's still comparatively huge when compared to the save data of other games. GameSpot reports that file sizes can grow close to 1GB, and this is down to how many autosaves Death Stranding creates. The individual saves only amount to around 13MB, but they all add up.

We decided to look into this ourselves, and review machine Liam Croft confirms that he currently has 833MB's worth of autosaves. Again, this isn't going to be forcing anyone to go out and buy a new hard drive, but big save data can be a bit of a pain when you're uploading it to or downloading it from cloud storage via PlayStation Plus.

Sony has told GameSpot that the save system's working as intended, so it's unclear whether a future patch might stop Death Stranding from creating so many frankly unnecessary autosaves. In the meantime, you may have to think about deleting them manually to keep things nice and tidy.