PS5 Controller

The PS5's controller sounds like it's going to be a major upgrade over the PlayStation 4's. Alongside adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for improved rumble, the supposed Dualshock 5 sports a microphone that could change the way we interact with games if you're in need of assistance. If a recent patent is actually used in the implementation of the controller's final design and set of features, then the PS5 could ship with its own voice-driven AI assistant.

In yesterday's Wired article, Peter Rubin reported that the next-gen system's controller has a "little hole on it" where a microphone would most likely be placed. This may not be so noteworthy on the face of it, but combined with a recent patent filed by Sony, it opens up a world of opportunities. Could the Dualshock 5 be about to deliver on-board AI assistance should you need help at any point in the latest PS5 game? It's certainly possible.

Imagine you're playing Horizon 2 on the all-new PlayStation 5 when you come up short on a certain crafting material and you don't know where to find it. "PlayStation, where can I find more broken steel?" is what you'd say, and it seems like the idea would be for the game to then go and mark it on your map. Of course, it would require developers to support the feature, but we reckon most first-party studios would. If the AI assistant couldn't find what you're looking for, we assume the system would spit out a Google search to make sure you're not left on your own completely.

Of course, this feature is by no means confirmed to be a part of the next-gen console, but if we put two and two together, an on-board PlayStation AI assistant doesn't seem so far fetched. Would you take advantage of this? What questions would you ask? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.