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Industry icon Hideo Kojima proudly proclaimed on Twitter this week that the first of Death Stranding’s imminent Tokyo Game Show 2019 presentations would include 50 minutes of gameplay footage. It’s actually just one of three showcases publisher Sony has lined up, with a further 30 minutes pledged for the following day, and a cast roundtable scheduled to wrap things up.

The auteur is unquestionably one of the greatest minds in games, but his comeback parade is beginning to turn into something of a circus. Don’t get us wrong, we’re eagerly anticipating the PlayStation 4 exclusive, and we’ve shielded it from criticism for daring to do something different. But does anyone really clamouring for over an hour of footage this close to launch?

The question is a complicated one, because while it feels like the open worlder has been in the limelight for an eternity, we actually still don’t know a lot about it. Kojima Productions has dropped a half-dozen or so trailers – each one defined by its bizarre disregard for brevity. But between all of the corridor photos and cryptic clues, it’s all getting a bit tedious, isn’t it?

Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4

Compare and contrast to another hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive which is scheduled to re-emerge later this month. The Last of Us: Part II has also been host to its fair share of trailers, but because they’ve been scattered and individually meaningful, there’s still a sense of anticipation; Death Stranding is beginning to attract the rolling eye emoji in Push Square’s editorial Slack chat.

To reiterate, we’re still seriously excited for the game; it’s right at the top of our Most Wanted list. But, while it’s partly our fault for clinging to every single one of Kojima’s tweets, we are starting to feel weary. We want the game to release because we want to play it, but we’re also eager to see an end to the insufferable hype cycle. What about you?

Where do you stand on the Death Stranding debate? Are you sick to death of seeing this game? Do you need more information on it before you decide whether to buy it? Protect a cosmic kid in the comments section below.

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