Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 PlayStation 4 1

It’s officially been a year since Insomniac Games released Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusively on the PlayStation 4, and the impact of the title has been so huge that we thought it was a moment worth celebrating. Sony, of course, recently capitalised on the success of the title by re-releasing it in Game of the Year form; if you happen to be in the UK, you can also snag it with an uber-cute custom cover as part of the all-new Only on PlayStation range.

Creative director Bryan Intihar, who we had the pleasure of interviewing prior to the launch of the critically acclaimed open worlder, had the following to say about the release’s anniversary:

When all’s said and done, the superhero effort could go on to become the best-selling PlayStation exclusive of all-time, having racked up sales in the region of 13.2 million units in less than a year. A sequel is all but guaranteed with Sony recently acquiring the title’s Burbank-based developer, and we can’t wait to see how the series will evolve in the future. In the meantime, PlayStation VR spin-off Marvel’s Iron Man VR is slated to be the next collaboration between the Japanese giant and Marvel Games.