Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 PlayStation 4 1

How successful was Marvel’s Spider-Man for Sony and Insomniac Games? Mind-bogglingly so. Tucked away in its acquisition press release, the platform holder has announced that the open world superhero title has sold an awe-inspiring 13.2 million copies. That’s a flabbergasting sum when you consider that the title has only released on one platform, and hasn’t even been out a year yet.

Of course, with the developer now a freshly minted first-party team, we can almost certainly expect a PlayStation 5 sequel of epic proportions. Both companies must be rubbing their mitts together at the prospect of a follow-up, as it’s sure to go on to become one of next-gen’s most anticipated titles. And there’s still the little matter of a Game of the Year Edition on the PS4 to look forward to as well.