Dying Light 2 12k 9n 1920x1080

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has already confirmed that its upcoming open-world zombie-killing experience will be coming to the PS5 as well as shipping next Spring on PlayStation 4, but that could only be the start of its post-launch plans. The studio has stated that it plans to support the game for up to four years.

During an interview with website Prankster101, lead game designer Tymon Smektala said: "Dying Light 1 was supported for 4 years after its release, and the plan for Dying Light 2 is exactly the same. We want this game to be supported after its release. We know that a lot of fans will be waiting for DLCs, updates, extra stuff they can get their hands on. And we promise to deliver them just that."

Those are certainly some lofty ambitions, but the developer has a proven track record of supporting its games well past their times in the limelight. The original Dying Light received 10 new pieces of DLC more than two years after its release, so if any game is going to get that level of support, we're pretty safe in saying that it'll be Dying Light 2.

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