The latest enormous update to Hello Games' No Man's Sky is now available. Titled Beyond, the free update is a jam-packed revamp of the space exploration game, with some major new features that people have been asking for since launch.

To summarise, the key new additions to No Man's Sky are:

  • Full PlayStation VR support: PSVR owners can now play the game fully in virtual reality. Anything you can do in the regular game, you can do in VR, and you can even play with others in multiplayer whether they're using a headset or not. We're sure this will be a very popular option for those with Sony's headgear.
  • Expanded multiplayer features: No Man's Sky was updated to include limited multiplayer, but it's now been massively expanded. A new multiplayer hub called the Nexus allows you to meet with friends or strangers, organise missions, show off your bases and ships, and more. Additionally, playing online means you'll always be in a lobby, meaning there's a chance you'll run into other players as you go about your business.
  • Countless improvements to the fundamentals: No Man's Sky Beyond takes the game to version 2.0. This milestone hasn't been taken lightly; Hello Games has overhauled and built upon the game's core features. Base building has been expanded, alien races and creatures are more varied, you can tame, ride, and milk alien animals (of course), there's a new Galactic Map, more varied environments -- the list goes on and on.

The patch, which takes No Man's Sky to version 2.03, is pretty hefty at roughly 11GB, but as you can see, it's one huge update. Will you be hopping back into the game to check out its new features? What are you most excited to try out? Jump to warp speed in the comments below.