We really liked 1979 Revolution: Black Friday when we finally got round to covering it as the 2018 holiday season started to go into overdrive and release game after game, so today's news of an accompanying game hitting PlayStation VR is most welcome.

Titled Blindfold, it's coming next month on 3rd September in North America and a day later in the EU as a standalone product or in a bundle with Ink Studios' previous title. You once again assume the role of a photojournalist, but this time around the narrative places you in a prison at the height of an interrogation.

Step inside Iran's infamous Evin Prison in this harrowing companion piece to iNK Stories'1979 Revolution: Black Friday. Blindfold places you in the perspective of a photojournalist enduring a harsh interrogation for spreading anti-state propaganda, as the warden Asadollah Lajevardi tests your will. Through nodding or shaking your head, or remaining still and silent, your actions drive an immersive choice-driven story.

The visuals aren't particularly impressive, but that's probably not the point of this experience. If you checked out 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, are you interested in this, too? Let us know in the comments below.