Update: SEGA has now officially announced Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD for PS4. It's actually releasing in the West slightly earlier than in Japan; you'll be monkeying around with this updated re-release on 29th October 2019. Have a watch of the first teaser above.

Banana Blitz HD features revamped controls, updated visuals, online leaderboards, and a brand new mini-game decathlon mode that sees you play 10 mini-games in a row. It'll be available for £34.99 / $39.99.

Original Story: Turns out all the rumblings about a new Super Monkey Ball game for PlayStation 4 were right. Having been somewhat leaked by SEGA's own Japanese trademark and Taiwanese and Korean ratings, the latest issue of Famitsu confirms the game's existence. What's more, it's brought us four screenshots of the upcoming game.

We only have a ropey translation to go on, but it seems like this is a remake or remaster of the 2006 Wii game, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Unfortunately, this is seen as something of a weak point in the series. Whether or not the PS4 title will contain any content from other Monkey Ball games is unknown at this point.

The article also confirms a release date of 31st October. We'd assume this is the date for Japan, and that the game will arrive a little later in the West. Hopefully we're wrong, and it launches at or near the same time. Presumably we'll learn plenty more when SEGA makes its official announcement.

Are you excited to play Super Monkey Ball on PS4? Don't slip on any banana peels in the comments below.

[source famitsu.com, via twitter.com]