Super Monkey Ball

A couple of months ago, SEGA filed a trademark in Japan for something called Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball. Many have reasoned that it could be a new PlayStation 4 game in the bananas arcade series, but we've heard nothing about it since. Now, a new discovery has been made, courtesy of the Taiwanese games rating board, adding more weight behind the existence of a new Super Monkey Ball.

Taiwan Rating Super Monkey Ball PS4 PlayStation 4

Listed for PS4 is some sort of new game in SEGA's series of monkey rolling adventures. The Japanese title, roughly translated into English, is "The food is great! Super Monkey Ball". This lines up with SEGA's original Japanese trademark; "Tabegoro" apparently means "ripe," "in season," or "good to eat". It seems it's the real deal, and it's coming to PS4.

As we've already speculated, it's possible this is some sort of remaster with wording like that -- but at this point, it's equally as likely to be a brand new game. With the game receiving age ratings, it's possible it isn't too far away. Tokyo Game Show is in September -- here's hoping we learn more soon.

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