Super Monkey Ball PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: SEGA

Earlier this week, a new Super Monkey Ball game for PlayStation 4 showed up on the Taiwanese games ratings website, more or less confirming its existence. It followed on from SEGA trademarking the same title in Japan earlier in the year. Now, another rating has emerged, adding a little more fuel to the fire.

This time, the Korean ratings board has classified the unannounced title. You can see the listing for yourself through here.

Oddly enough, these foreign ratings are usually a very reliable source. We imagine it's now only a matter of time before SEGA officially announces this new Super Monkey Ball game. There are two big events on the horizon at which it could reveal the game -- Gamescom at the end of August, or Tokyo Game Show in September. Our money's on the latter, but either way, don't be surprised to see this game announced in the coming weeks.

Are you excited about the return of AiAi and his primate pals? What do you want from a PS4 Super Monkey Ball title? Roll into the comments below and let us know.