Hitman was one of this generation's biggest success stories thanks to an episodic delivery of content that actually worked for once. Hitman 2 didn't make quite as big a splash, instead deciding to ship the bulk of its content at launch, but it looks like developer IO Interactive is gearing up for a third attempt at telling the story of Agent 47.

In a new documentary from Danny O'Dwyer's No Clip, CEO and Co-Owner of IO Interactive Hakan Abrak confirms that the new studio opened in Malmo, Sweden is working on content for Hitman 2 as well as "looking ahead" to a third game in the series as we know it today. This could return to the episodic routes of the initial 2016 title. Even more interestingly, however, is that the original Danish team is working on a new IP.

This is very exciting news, especially so from a studio that only went independent a few years back, but don't expect either of these projects to come to fruition until the PS5 is on the market. A potential Hitman 3 that takes advantage of the power of next-gen consoles is an interesting prospect, though.

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