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What are the best PS4 online multiplayer games? If you're a PS Plus member, then you'll want to make the most of your subscription by playing with friends and strangers from around the globe. Whether it's football with cars to constantly changing shooters, it can be tough to decide what to play with so many options, so we've compiled a list of what we believe are the best online games you can play on PS4. Don't worry if you're looking for local multiplayer, as we also have lists for the best PS4 co-op games and best PS4 local multiplayer games.

20. Titanfall 2 (PS4)

Titanfall 2 (PS4)Titanfall 2 (PS4)
Publisher: Electronic Arts / Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Release Date: 28th Oct 2016 (USA) / 28th Oct 2016 (UK/EU)

Respawn's fast-paced FPS is often celebrated for its single player campaign, but just as entertaining is the brilliant online multiplayer. Players start off as agile soldiers, but after a while, they're able to call down a Titan, a giant mech suit with high firepower and some fun abilities. The combination of the nimble, wall-running Pilots and the hulking, powerful Titans makes for some cracking online battles.

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19. Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4)

Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4)Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4)
Publisher: Bandai Namco / Developer: Arc System Works
Release Date: 26th Jan 2018 (USA) / 26th Jan 2018 (UK/EU)

Dragon Ball FighterZ had some teething issues with its online multiplayer, but now it's one of the PS4's most robust brawlers when it comes to throwing down on a global scale. All the usual ranked and casual options are here, but they're bolstered by limited time events and even co-op battles. A lovely little lobby system, complete with collectable chibi character avatars, is the icing on the cake.

18. Street Fighter V (PS4)

Street Fighter V (PS4)Street Fighter V (PS4)
Publisher: Capcom / Developer: Capcom
Release Date: 16th Feb 2016 (USA) / 16th Feb 2016 (UK/EU)

Solid netcode and a very healthy playerbase ensure that Street Fighter V is one of the PS4's go-to fighting games for those eager to test their skills online. Fully customisable lobbies, quickfire ranked matches, and an addictive title ladder to climb make the multiplayer component an inviting prospect.

17. The Division 2 (PS4)

The Division 2 (PS4)The Division 2 (PS4)
Publisher: Ubisoft / Developer: Massive Entertainment
Release Date: 15th Mar 2019 (USA) / 15th Mar 2019 (UK/EU)

The multiplayer Dark Zone in The Division 2 may need a few tweaks for it to really fulfil its potential, but even without its competitive component, this open world shooter is still a blast with friends. Some really well designed story and co-op missions are a real highlight, while simply exploring the game's dilapidated D.C. can offer up a lot of excitement.

16. Tekken 7 (PS4)

Tekken 7 (PS4)Tekken 7 (PS4)
Publisher: Bandai Namco / Developer: Namco
Release Date: 2nd Jun 2017 (USA) / 2nd Jun 2017 (UK/EU)

Some would argue that there's no discernible skill ceiling to Tekken 7, and that's testament to the sheer amount of depth that's on display in what's easily one of the PS4's best fighting games. Whether you're enjoying long back-and-forth sessions with friends or taking on total strangers, Tekken 7 is an immensely rewarding and engrossing online experience. Well, as long as you can keep your cool.