Best PS4 Local Multiplayer Games PlayStation 4 Guide

What are the best PS4 local multiplayer games? While many titles offer great online experiences, nothing quite beats local multiplayer together with friends and family in the same room. Finding the right game can quickly turn four best mates into mortal enemies, or turn the group into a hysterical mess of laughter, screams, and joy. Luckily, the PS4 has enjoyed a bountiful resurgence of such titles. From stone-cold classics to utterly unique hidden gems, here's a list of titles to play with others that'll get everyone leaping out of their seats with excitement.

In this guide, we're looking at both competitive and cooperative offline multiplayer experiences, but if you're specifically looking for the Best PS4 Co-Op Games, you can find our list through the link.

25. Peggle 2 (PS4)

Peggle 2 (PS4)Peggle 2 (PS4)
Publisher: Electronic Arts / Developer: PopCap Games
Release Date: 14th Oct 2014 (USA) / 15th Oct 2014 (UK/EU)

Not the most obvious choice, but Peggle 2 comes with a local multiplayer mode for two players. Taking the simplistic and addictive nature of the gameplay and turning it competitive is a stroke of genius, and you'll be surprised how quickly things escalate as you compete for points on the same board. Even outside of the dedicated multiplayer mode, simply passing the pad in single player levels is a fun way to peacefully pass the time.

24. Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure (PS4)

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure (PS4)Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure (PS4)
Publisher: Game Swing / Developer: Game Swing
Release Date: 5th Apr 2016 (USA) / 5th Apr 2016 (UK/EU)

This crazy, chaotic dodgeball game seemed to come out of nowhere in 2016, offering up a fast-paced, grin-inducing spin on the sport. Up to four players can duke it out in teams or in free-for-all as they aim to smack each other out of a selection of unusual arenas. The controls are very simple but there's just enough nuance to keep things competitive, and the whimsical presentation will keep the laughs rolling.

23. Laser League (PS4)

Laser League (PS4)Laser League (PS4)
Publisher: 505 Games / Developer: Roll7
Release Date: 10th May 2018 (USA) / 10th May 2018 (UK/EU)

Laser League might not be the most populated game online, but there's no denying it's a brilliant multiplayer title. Four-player local matches let you duke it out in two teams of two, and the game quickly gets everyone frantic with its rapid pace, neon aesthetic, and simple controls. This is a unique title that's deserving of your attention during multiplayer gaming sessions.

22. Nidhogg 2 (PS4)

Nidhogg 2 (PS4)Nidhogg 2 (PS4)
Publisher: Messhof / Developer: Messhof
Release Date: 15th Aug 2017 (USA) / 15th Aug 2017 (UK/EU)

The first game laid down an incredibly solid foundation of frenetic fencing mixed with tug of war, but Nidhogg 2 adds a sprinkling of extras that make it even more entertaining. With a striking new art style, lots of new weapon types, and a much larger roster of levels to fight through, this sequel has plenty to keep you busy. Face off in one-on-one duels, or use the tournament mode to see who among your chums is truly worthy of being eaten by a giant sky serpent. Be sure to give this a try for some unique, compelling multiplayer.

21. That's You (PS4)

That's You (PS4)That's You (PS4)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment / Developer: Wish Studios
Release Date: 4th Jul 2017 (USA) / 4th Jul 2017 (UK/EU)

Sony has been making a concerted effort to make gaming more accessible with its range of PlayLink titles, and our pick of the bunch is That's You. Using smartphones as controllers, a group of players is asked questions about each person, naturally leading to some hilarious outcomes. You'll also be snapping selfies, drawing on each other, and second-guessing your opponents as you strive for victory. A great multiplayer title for the non-gamers in your life.

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