Catherine: Full Body blurs the lines between remake and remaster, significantly expanding upon Atlus’ original PlayStation 3 relationship sim with the addition of new scenes, characters, and entire story arcs. Already available in Japan, the title’s due out on 3rd September in Europe and North America – and courtesy of IGN, here’s your very first look at the English language edition in action.

The good news is that all of the original voice actors, including Troy Baker (Vincent) and Laura Bailey (Catherine), will be reprising their respective roles for this version. They’ll be joined by Brianna Knickerbocker, who will play Rin, the all-new addition to the cast.

While this edition will feature double the puzzles of the PS3 version, there’s good news for those just looking to enjoy the story: a new ‘Safety Mode’ will allow you to simply skip through the tower navigation sequences, allowing you to drink in the narrative and focus on that. Considering that we weren’t massive fans of the actual gameplay in the original, we’re actually rather appreciative of this feature.