Catherine Full Body Ps4

Much like Persona 5, Catherine: Full Body will feature a 'safety' difficulty setting, allowing those who just want to experience the story to play through the game without having to worry about failing gameplay sections. The official website reads: "Choose from four difficulty settings, including Safety, Easy, Normal, and Hard. In Safety, traps do not activate, there is no time limit, game overs do not exist, and you can even skip the action puzzle entirely. Guarantee you will reach the ending by choosing Safety!"

The puzzles in the original Catherine were sometimes incredibly tricky, often requiring a number of retries in order to wrap your head around them. And again, like Persona 5, Catherine's a game with a lot of cool character interactions and plot elements, so it's nice that developer Atlus is letting players choose how they want to play.

As always, we're in full support of difficulty options like this. Some people just aren't able to play through games in the same way as others can, and hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to focus your attention on the story.

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