The Division 2 How to Reach Gear Score 500 Guide

How do you reach the current max gear score of 500 in The Division 2? You're going to have to invest a decent amount of time into the looter shooter in order to reach gear score 500 and start preparind for the upcoming raid, but thankfully, it's not too difficult to understand how to get there. Here's how to reach gear score 500 in The Division 2.

How to Reach Gear Score 500 in The Division 2

Here are a number of activities you can engage with in order to reach gear score 500.

Invaded Missions & Strongholds

Every week, a new cycle of invasion starts in The Division 2. This means that the endgame faction, the Black Tusk, invade up to three missions for seven days, classifying them as "Invaded". You can now replay those missions on a much harder difficulty in order to gain better loot drops.

Better yet, once you've completed every one of those Invaded missions, you'll unlock the Invaded Stronghold for that week. One of the toughest tests in the game, these play host to some of the best loot drops in the game. You're sure to increase your gear score by a fairly significant amount if you choose to fend off the Black Tusk invasion each week.

The Dark Zone

There's always great loot to be found in the Dark Zone, including an exclusive exotic LMG that can be only found within the activity. So, head into one of three Dark Zones and start beating the landmarks you come across, especially so if that particular Dark Zone is occupied. Extract your findings and you may get your hands on a gear upgrade.

Daily Missions & Strongholds

Probably the most obvious of the bunch, but also one of the most reliable. Daily missions will cycle in and out every 24 hours, viewable in the Projects tab once you press the touch pad to access the map and skip to the left. These will detail your rewards for beating the mission, as well as options to increase the difficulty for better drops. A surefire way to get an item that'll increase your gear score.

Level 3 Control Points

Not only are level 3 control points a valuable source of loot, they also offer a guaranteed blueprint drop. Perfect for upgrading your current build. Remember to increase alert levels by completing the acitivies linked to each control point by the red arrows on the map. Once alert level 3 is attained, assault the control point and reap the rewards once it has been taken over.