The Division 2 What Are the Best Perks? Guide 1

What are the best perks in The Division 2? Which perks should you pick up first with your SHD Tech points? Here are our recommendations for the best perks in The Division 2.

What Are the Best Perks in The Division 2?

These are the best perks in The Division 2.

Armor Kit

The three Armor Kit perks allow you to carry up to a total of six armor kits when out in the war-torn streets of Washington. You're going to want to carry as many of these as possible, so investing SHD Tech points into this perk tree is worth it for when you come up against the toughest enemies the game has.


The more grenades you can carry, the better. Enemies will regularly cluster up together behind cover, so being able to flush them out or kill them there and then as many times as possible is essential to survival. Invest as many SHD Tech points as you can early on.

XP Accolades

You're going to get more XP for doing the things you already do. More XP for headshots, multikills, explosive deaths, and just surviving for a long time is going to help a lot when it comes to levelling up.

Crafting Materials

You'll be picking up crafting materials all the time, thanks to finding them out in the open-world and dismantling weapons and gear. As such, you need to be able to carry as much as possible before you hit the cap. Otherwise, you'll be wasting resources simply because you didn't invest in a particular perk.


Who would say no to the chance at a rare material when deconstructing? We know we wouldn't, and you shouldn't either. Pick up these perks so that you can increase your chances of getting a rare item out of a weapon dismantle.


Much like Crafting Materials, you don't want to be hitting the cap all the time and wasting Resources. As such, invest into this branch quickly so that you can carry as much food, waster, and components as possible.