We at Push Square Towers love a sweet treat every now and again, so when we spotted an upcoming PlayStation 4 game all about cake, we couldn't resist sharing it. Cake Bash is a multiplayer title from a small team made up of ex-Ubisoft developers, calling themselves High Tea Frog. Indie studio names are the best, aren't they?

Anyway, in this party game, up to four players compete in various modes and levels to become the tastiest snack. Whether you're a fondant fancy or a glazed donut, you'll need to gather sweets and prevent other players from doing the same by either attacking them or covering them in less appetising things. Various hazards can also trip you up, such as hot stoves, party poppers, and a hungry pigeon.

It's currently scheduled for release in 2019. Will you be giving Cake Bash a taste on PS4, or does it look a little sickly? Cook up some comments below.

[source youtube.com, via cake-bash.com]