A party game about becoming the tastiest treat in a series of sugar-coated mini games? What's not to like? Cake Bash is a light-hearted multiplayer title for sweet-toothed gamers of all ages. Select an edible character and engage in a series of simple party games to determine the most delicious one of all.

Get Tasty is the main mode of play, and sees you playing a random selection of Bash games and a few mini games in between. Using extremely simple controls, you'll be trying to get the most sweets, throwing the most strawberries into a tart, and smashing open fortune cookies — all while dealing with your opponents by dishing out a few punches. Contestants get chocolate coins to spend on items that'll boost their end score, and mini games involve tasks like roasting marshmallows, hunting a caterpillar cake, and piping cream onto scones. Once played in Get Tasty mode, each game unlocks in Recipes mode, where you can play them at your leisure.

Each of the games are fun for what they are, but unfortunately there's just not quite enough going on. The rounds are over quickly, and there's not a huge variety, meaning you'll probably have your fill before long. It's a well crafted game that looks and sounds great, but there just isn't an awful lot to sink your teeth into. For an evening or two of candy-flavoured fun playing online or off, this is an entertaining treat — it's just something you'll want to snack on sparingly.