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There are roughly 66 million people living in the UK, and “well over” six million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold in the region. This means that if you’re not a pedantic bore and are capable of basic maths, Sony’s sold a system to around 10 per cent of the British population over the past five years. Yes, we know there are caveats that can be applied to this statistic – we’re just trying to make a quite boring article sound exciting. Geez!

According to’s Christopher Dring, as of this weekend the console passed the one million milestone for 2018, which is actually pretty impressive when you consider that the system is getting on a bit these days. To be fair, the Xbox One – which is “just under” five million units in Britain – isn’t far behind, demonstrating just how well Sony’s doing outside of the US and UK. It also shows how much mindshare the company has, considering many third-party titles comfortably sell best on the PS4 these days.