Deep Down PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Deep Down, the game that debuted during the PlayStation 4’s reveal conference, has been missing in action for many a year now – but Capcom’s filed a request to extend the medieval title’s trademark, prompting fresh speculation about the status of the once anticipated foray. It’s been over three years since we last got an update on the project from the publisher, although the company has been sure to keep its trademark topped up in the interim.

Whether the release is still alive behind-the-scenes is hard to say. It was originally conceived as a showcase for the organisation’s next-gen Panta Rhei engine, but it seems like that technology has since been scrapped. The strangest thing is that the game – originally billed as being some kind of free-to-play experience – was playable at a couple of Tokyo Game Shows, so despite it never actually releasing, there are people out there who’ve tried it.

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