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Deep Down News

  • Rumour Deep Down Was in a 'Near-Complete State' Before Being Shelved

    But it's dead

    We can't quite believe that seven years after its original unveiling, we're still writing about Deep Down. The famously announced PlayStation 4 title was revealed at Sony's disclosure of the current-gen console and has never been seen since, despite Capcom stating that it hasn't "given up on the title completely." We can safely say...

  • News Long Thought Dead Capcom Title Deep Down Hasn't 'Been Completely Given Up On'

    "The original team is clearly no longer together"

    Deep Down was announced all the way back at the PlayStation 4's original reveal event in February 2013, and six years later, it has never seen the light of day. The only glimpse we got of the game was a single slice of gameplay footage, but the project has gone completely dark since then. The...

  • News Capcom Extends Deep Down Trademark, Prompting Fresh Speculation

    Alive and kicking?

    Deep Down, the game that debuted during the PlayStation 4’s reveal conference, has been missing in action for many a year now – but Capcom’s filed a request to extend the medieval title’s trademark, prompting fresh speculation about the status of the once anticipated foray. It’s been over three years since we last got an

  • News Deep Down Once Again Trademarked By Capcom

    Here we are again

    Capcom's filed a trademark for the words Deep Down in North America, prompting some optimistic onlookers to wonder whether the publisher has anything new to share. Obviously there's no real way of knowing, but it's worth remembering that the Japanese company has registered similar trademarks multiple times now, and nothing changes...

  • News Capcom Still Hasn't Forgotten About Deep Down

    The cycle repeats

    Argh, not this again. Deep Down is still a thing judging by the game's latest trademark renewal. Said trademark was last renewed back in February of this year, which led to speculation that Capcom may have some new information to share regarding the all-but-cancelled PlayStation 4 dungeon crawler - but the publisher didn't utter a...

  • News Capcom Copyright Suggests PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Isn't Dead Yet

    A light in the darkness

    You remember Deep Down, don't you? A PlayStation 4 exclusive from Capcom, the game was originally announced back in February 2013, but we've heard nothing about it for quite some time. Indeed, it came to light that the Japanese company was having real trouble with its new-gen Panta Rhei engine, which led to many, including...

  • News PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Is Aiming to Have a 10 Year Life Span

    Still no release date, though

    Always good for a tease, Capcom has released an interview with Deep Down's Teruki Miyashita. In it, the senior manager of consumer games development talks about the free-to-play title's development, it's graphical prowess, and its life span. "To make the best use of the performance of PlayStation 4, we have brought our...

  • News PS4 RPG Deep Down May End Up Being a Different Game to the One You Know

    Back from the deep

    We're not quite sure what's happening with Deep Down. The PlayStation 4 exclusive was originally announced a couple of years back, but we've heard very little since, despite publisher Capcom releasing several gameplay clips. Earlier in the month, the Japanese company confirmed that it's still in the works, but also stated that...

  • News You Won't Be Getting PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Anytime Soon

    Deeper down than you think

    There's been a lot of speculation about the future of PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down, especially after publisher Capcom recently revealed Dragon's Dogma Online, another free-to-play title that's heading to Sony's newest console in Japan this year. Depending on your perspective, the following is either going to be...

  • News There's a Deep Downgrade in These Deep Down PS4 Screens

    Dungeon bawler

    Who remembers Capcom's gorgeous dungeon crawler Deep Down? The free-to-play title was announced alongside the PlayStation 4 eons ago, and was set to go into beta when the next-gen system launched in Japan earlier this year – but it's been missing in action for a while now. And it looks like the developer has been using that extra...

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