Three years after creator Erik Asmussen told us he was considering a PlayStation 4 port of Disco Dodgeball, the unusual first-person shooter has been confirmed for Sony’s system, with Zen Studios helping to make this remixed release a reality. Due out on 22nd May, the game “offers up a crazily intense mix of arena-based first-person shooter and classic dodgeball – all played by killer robots whose lethality is only surpassed by their quirky charm”. What’s not to like?

The press release explains: “Combatants throw glowing dodgeballs to one-hit-kill their opponents and complete team objectives, using a wide variety of power-ups and trick shots – all with skateboard-style movement and a pulsing dance club aesthetic.” There’s no word on a price just yet, but we were big fans of the original PC release, so we reckon this is one you should keep your eye on.