Super Bomberman R PS4 PlayStation 4

Following a Korean rating for Super Bomberman R that was outed last week, someone has spotted the game on the Thailand PlayStation Store. Commenting on an article from Eurogamer that suggests the game is also making its way to Xbox One, reader DodgyPast brought this tidbit to the fore with a link that directs us to the product page, where you're able to pre-order.

It's a fairly complete listing that claims details such as the release date, price, and pre-order content. Super Bomberman R will launch on PS4 on 11th June 2018, and will cost you 1,200 Thai Baht. This translates to approximately £27.60 or $38.52, but we'll obviously have to wait for an official announcement for the correct prices. We're not totally sure about the date, either, which falls on a Monday, so that could be a placeholder date for now.

Exhibit A

Pre-ordering gets you an avatar and the Golden Vic Viper Bomber and 8 Shiny Bomberman Brothers Set, which sounds like a character pack. Again, this could be different in other regions.

With even the PlayStation Store listing Super Bomberman R, we imagine it won't be too much longer before we see Konami announce it for PS4. Are you interested in playing this explosive arcade game on PlayStation? Drop a bomb in the comments below.

Update: Super Bomberman R has been confirmed for Japan, and will be releasing 14th June, both physically and digitally. A western release has yet to be announced.

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