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News last Friday that Kingdom Come: Deliverance's whopping 23GB day one patch will double the size of the game left a few people unhappy – although giant day one patches have become a common occurrence in recent years – so now publisher Deep Silver has revealed the reasons behind the update's size.

The company's marketing manager Will Powers initially released a vague statement from the game's executive producer Martin Klima on the ResetERA forums before addressing the concerns himself. Essentially, the game's files are split into 2GB chunks, and the engine that developer Warhorse is using requires it to re-upload a chunk if it makes even the slightest change to it.

Since the day one patch is a broad update touching on almost every aspect in the game, in Powers' words: "It touches almost all of these 2GB archives in the entire game build. Essentially you are having to redownload the game to replace the existing files." The good news is that, once the files are downloaded, the game will still weigh in at its original size, but to download the update you'll likely have to make room on your hard drive first – not to mention that 23GB could be a big chunk out of your monthly data cap.

Has the day one update put you off of the long-awaited Kingdom Come: Deliverance, or are you still excited for tomorrow's release? Start cleaning your hard drives in the comments below.

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