We’ve had a few games all about the manipulation of time on the PlayStation 4 now: Life Is Strange and The Invisible Hours both immediately spring to mind. But announced during the Paris Games Week 2017 pre-show last night was another game in a similar vein: The Gardens Between. This a vibrant, accessible puzzle platformer that sees you manipulating the flow of time in order to progress.

“Arina and Frendt, the two protagonists, are inseparable friends who markedly shape one another as they grow up,” director Matthew Clarke explained on the PlayStation Blog. “They fall into a mysterious world of beautiful garden islands, where cause and effect are malleable. As you follow them on their journey, a story about friendship, childhood, and growing up unfolds.”

The game’s due out next year on the PlayStation 4 and is looking absolutely stunning we must say. It’s great to see that experimental indie titles like this still very much have a home on Sony’s system.

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