Hitman is back following developer IO Interactive’s divorce from parent company Square Enix. The Danish developer has announced Hitman: Game of the Year Edition, a huge digital bundle set to release on 7th November which includes the original game in its entirety – as well as a bunch of new content on top.

Headlining the new premium content is the Patient Zero campaign, a four-mission mini-story which repurposes locations from the first season but puts a brand new spin on them. “Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado, and Hokkaido look and feel completely different with a new time of day and new custom music created by Niels Bye Nielsen,” the press release reveals.

New costumes include Hitman: Blood Money’s iconic Corky the Clown, as well as the Raven Suit and Cowboy Suit. Each comes with a unique themed weapon and new Escalation Contracts for each outfit. If you already own the game then you’ll be able to grab all of the new content for a pricey $20; newcomers will be able to get everything for $60.

If you don’t want to pay, then don’t worry: a free patch promises to improve upon the base game. In addition to user interface tweaks, the update will also include a complete lighting overhaul, and the re-activation of certain Elusive Targets. Taking part in these one-off assassinations will also now earn you commemorative coins.

So plenty to pull you back into Agent 47’s world then ahead of, we assume, a Season Two reveal in 2018. The Game of the Year upgrade is a bit steep, but the support for this game has been pretty unprecedented. In fact, it’s proof that this whole “service games” thing doesn’t have to be quite as nefarious as it seems.

[source ioi.dk]