Happy Halloween?

If there are two things we love reporting here at Push Square, it's: 1) Reporting on Tweets, and; 2) announcements of announcements. Therefore the Hitman Twitter account's reveal that a new content announcement for the game will be coming at 2PM CEST - that's 1PM BST - on 24th October was an absolute godsend to us.

What this new content will be is still a mystery, but the orange-coloured promotional image for the announcement has led to some speculating a Halloween-type mission on one of the game's existing maps. This seems likely considering that IO's announcement on its website clarifies that "this upcoming content is not Season 2" before going on to tell players to "keep expectations in check". Good way to generate hype there.

Will a new Halloween-themed contract drag you back into Hitman's bloody clutches, or will you wait until Season 2? Speculate endlessly in the comments below.

[source twitter.com, via ioi.dk]