Ubisoft's really trying to push For Honor back into people's good books. Last month, the publisher revealed its plans for the future of the game, presenting a detailed roadmap on upcoming content and other additions, like the introduction of dedicated servers.

Building on that reveal, the company's announced that the title's going to be totally free to play this weekend -- that's the 10th August until the 13th August. The free trial is available to pre-load right now, and those of you who decide to give it a go will be able to partake in a mix of multiplayer and single player modes.

Of course, Ubisoft's no stranger to dishing out limited freebies. Both Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Watch Dogs 2 have their own free trials, so the publisher clearly thinks that it's onto something.

Will you be giving it a stab? Polish your armour in the comments section below.

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