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When we look back over the year so far, it's hard to think of many reasonably hyped games that managed to fall off the radar faster than For Honor. The medieval action-fighting hybrid was met with favourable reviews and a decent amount of public interest, but it was quickly picked apart and largely left behind by a community that wasn't happy with the finished release for a number of reasons.

Perhaps the biggest problem of all, networking issues have been a thorn in the game's side since it launched. Slow matchmaking, laggy encounters, and disconnects are just some of the issues that have plagued the online-only title.

Recent reports have suggested that the number of active users playing the game has dropped off significantly since launch, but Ubisoft isn't giving up on the once promising property. In a move that at this point seems all but necessary, the developer will be switching the title to dedicated servers, rather than relying on the connections of multiple players at once.

This is just one part of For Honor's roadmap as Ubisoft seeks to bolster the release. Take a look at the image below to see what else it has in store.

for honor roadmap.jpg

Will this be enough to reinvigorate For Honor, though? Let us know if you're still interested in the comments section below.