dqxi 1.jpg

Japanese publication 4Gamer has snagged a handful of lush looking Dragon Quest XI screenshots, showcasing combat, exploration, and more. The pics apparently give us a look at the Samadhi region, which seems to be particularly sandy.

All of the images are in-game running on PlayStation 4, and it's clear to see that the versatile Unreal Engine is working its magic here. Combined with Akira Toriyama's evergreen art style, this is shaping up to be one role-playing adventure that you won't want to take your eyes off.

Dragon Quest XI launches in Japan near the end of July, and it's supposed to be heading West in the relatively near future. We're expecting Square Enix to wheel out an official announcement once the title's hit the Japanese market, but until then, let us know how you think this latest journey is shaping up in the comments section below.

[source 4gamer.net, via gematsu.com]