The Playroom VR PS4 PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality

The Playroom VR is unquestionably one of the best demonstrations of what PlayStation VR can do, and the best bit of all is that it's completely free to download. Even better than that, though, is that Sony's continuing to support it, surprise announcing today that a new minigame named Toy Wars is available to download right now from the PlayStation Store. And no, it won't cost you a penny.

This is a tower defence-inspired experience which can be played solo or with up to three other friends in co-op; the main game really pushes the concept of asymmetrical play and that appears to be the case again here, with those watching the action unfold on the television given different objectives to those experiencing things in virtual reality.

Honestly there are some brilliant ideas in The Playroom VR, and we're still hopeful that the platformer gets fleshed out into a full game. Judging by the PlayStation Blog post, it looks like the group behind the game has been given an official title – Team ASOBI, for those curious – so hopefully it'll be able to convince Shuhei Yoshida to make that happen.