The Playroom VR

The Playroom VR (PS4)


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
Japan Studio


Game Rating

User Ratings: 11

Our Review: 7/10


Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • 13th Oct 2016
  • 13th Oct 2016
The Playroom
Controller Support
DualShock 4
Feature Support
PlayStation VR, PS4 Pro Enhanced

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The Playroom VR Screenshot
The Playroom VR Screenshot
The Playroom VR Screenshot
The Playroom VR Screenshot


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    Bot's your lot

    The Playroom VR is a collection of asymmetrical multiplayer minigames that show off the PlayStation VR headset's capabilities in many different ways. It's free and comes with a total of five mini-games to enjoy with your pals: Cat and Mouse, Monster Escape, Wanted, Ghost House, and Robots Rescue. Let's break them all down...

About The Game

Monstrously good fun

Get ready for an innovative and social spin on virtual reality gaming. Available as a free download from PlayStation Store for all PS VR owners, THE PLAYROOM VR includes six games that are sure to leave a colossal impact on any party.

Grab your PlayStation VR headset while up to four friends join in with a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller each. Then enjoy a variety of action-packed mini-games which has you diving into everything from a hilarious cat and mouse chase to clearing a haunted house of its ghastly ghosts.

Whether you're working co-operatively or competitively, the adorable interactive VR Bots are on hand to make sure you have a blast.