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It's been a weird old ride for No Man's Sky. Hyped up to infinity and beyond by enthusiastic fans, the press, and just about everyone in between, the space survival sim was met with divided opinion when it launched earlier this month, and even now, people still can't seem to decide whether it's good, bad, or just straight up disappointing. Controversy has been rampant these past few weeks - potentially to the point where the controversies themselves will define how the game is remembered in the future - and any mention of No Man's Sky still sparks conversation regarding a whole bunch of topics, both positive and negative.

During the week that No Man's Sky launched, we asked you what you thought of the game. 31 per cent of you said that it was "truly amazing", while 37 per cent of you told us that it was "good". Meanwhile, a combined 32 per cent of poll voters said that it was either "okay", "disappointingly bad", or "absolutely crap". Out of 252 votes, the majority declared that No Man's Sky is at least a good game - but what do you think of it now?

Has your opinion changed over the last couple of weeks? Are you still playing it? Vote in our polls, and we promise that this will (maybe) be the last No Man's Sky feature that we squeeze into existence.

Do you still play No Man's Sky? (189 votes)

Yes, I still play it regularly


Yeah, but only now and then


Nope, but I might go back to it someday


No, I'm done with the game


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What do you think of No Man's Sky now? (195 votes)

It's amazing


I think it's good


Meh, it's okay


It's a disappointing game


It really is rubbish


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