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Bad news if you plumped up for a "joke" PlayStation Network name when you created your profile, as Sony's unsure whether you'll ever be able to change it. This has been a regular source of discourse for way over a year now, with the platform holder failing to provide the feature. And asked whether it's in the pipeline on Twitter, likeable suit Shuhei Yoshida suggested that the company's still unsure whether it's even possible.

"We are all aware that lots of people are asking [to change their PSN name], and our engineers have been looking into what they can do," he explained. "As soon as we know, we'll let you know – but as of today, we don't know if we can ever do it. Hopefully, we'll be able to provide that feature in the future."

The functionality was mentioned on a recent PSN survey, so Sony clearly understands the demand for this. But it's becoming increasingly apparent that the architecture upon which the Japanese giant's online service is built is flaky at best, and while this seems like it would be a simple thing to implement, we can imagine it causing a server or two to implode. To be honest, we're starting to doubt that this will ever happen.