Tick the boxes

There's been frustration over recent PlayStation 4 firmware updates. Sony's been slow rolling out system software overhauls, and while we're fond of features such as Communities, they don't feel like they should be a priority. But while the platform holder's not exactly implementing the kind of upgrades that we want, there's no question that it knows what people are asking for.

A private survey sent out to PS4 owners asks respondents to tick which features they'd most like to be added to the device, and the options cover basically every most requested addition. We've included the checklist below, but highlights include folders, online notifications, custom backgrounds, PSone and PlayStation 2 playback, and the ability to change your PlayStation Network username.

We've included the full checklist originally posted on NeoGAF below, and we'd honestly tick every single one of these options. Which do you think are a priority, or do you reckon that that the console's competent as it is? Take a look and tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

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[source neogaf.com]