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Once again, we have to say that it's been a quiet week in the PlayStation Nation. However, we can't say that we're not enjoying the break. Things are about to get real hectic here at Push Square Towers, so we're licking our battle wounds and waiting for everything to heal while the insanity of holiday 2015 descends like a runaway freight train. It's getting close now, folks – real close.

Zombi PS4 PlayStation 4


Zombi - 8/10

Zombi has transitioned to the PS4 rather well: the fear-inducing aspects of the second screen are re-created well enough to achieve similar scares, the loading times are greatly improved, and – three years later – it's still a unique survival title that never compromises its horror for action. It's a bit of a shame that its multiplayer mode is absent – a casualty of losing the second screen. Still, there's enough of an intense experience here to consider rising from your grave for.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent - 5/10

Dragon Age: Inquisition's second expansion is perhaps even less essential than the first, and that's a real shame given the add-on's intriguing premise. Even though there are a few beacons of light in the darkness, such as some meaty combat scenarios and stints of exciting exploration, The Descent is damaged by a disappointingly bad ending and too many underwhelming side quests. It's another expensive piece of DLC that doesn't quite justify its price tag unless you're a feverish fan of BioWare's latest.

Other Reviews

Project Morpheus PS4


First Impressions: Eyes-On with PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Project Morpheus

We've known about Project Morpheus – the PlayStation 4's proprietary virtual reality headset – for what feels like an eternity now, so we're definitely reaching that point where it's time for Sony to stop talking about the possibilities for the peripheral, and start proving why it's so important. Fortunately, the platform holder held an event in London earlier this week, and Alex Noon from Arekkz Gaming was in attendance to get some eyes-on time with the futuristic format.

Feature: The Best PS4 Games of the Year So Far

In just under four months' time, the staff of Push Square Towers will descend into a nuclear bunker in an effort to convince editor Robert Ramsey that Toukiden: Kiwami is not one of the best titles of 2015. Seriously, though, we're already starting to discuss our favourite releases of the year here internally, and seeing as we're currently locked in the slow summer months, we thought that it would be fun to pad out our features column with a look back at some of 2015's best PlayStation 4 forays. As the holiday season approaches like a runaway steam train we're confident that this lineup is going to change before we hit Christmas – but even in the unlikely event that it doesn't, this little lot proves that it's been anything but a bad year for games.

Other Features

PS4 Firmware Update Beta


Sony Wants PS4 Firmware Update Beta Testers

Sony's on the lookout for good looking people with a PlayStation 4 in order to beta test the next firmware update for the new-gen system. To enrol, you'll need a console, a master account, and an Internet connection – so not a lot, then. If you think that you fit the bill, North Americans can enrol through here, while Europeans can register through here.

Sony Slaps a Date on Paris Games Week Press Conference

It may have been a dismal Gamescom 2015 for PlayStation fans, but Sony's promised to make up for its absence at Paris Games Week a little later in the year. And now – hot on the heels of PlayStation Experience's announcement – the platform holder has confirmed that its press conference will take place on 27th October at 18:00PM CEST (09:00AM PT/12:00PM ET). That's a great window for major Western announcements, don't you think?

The Taken King Is Looking More and More Like What Destiny Should Have Always Been

We hope that you're ready for an absolutely massive marketing blitz from Sony and Activision as we crawl closer to the release of Destiny's upcoming expansion, The Taken King, because that's what you're going to get over the next few weeks.

PS Vita Prototype Looked a Lot Like the PSPgo

Sony's PlayStation Vita didn't take the gaming world by storm unfortunately, but at one point in time it may have stood a better chance. One of the poorest decisions by the bigwigs at Sony was the use of propriety memory cards instead of the much cheaper and readily available SD cards. It's a decision which has baffled many and has more than likely swayed handheld gamers in the other direction.

Weirdness: The Ouye Is the Ultimate PS4 Rip Off

Introducing the Ouye, a Chinese console packed with so much plagiarism that it's bordering on parody. The device – which is currently up for crowd funding – boasts the chassis of the PlayStation 4, but the controller of the Xbox One. We're sure that we've heard the name somewhere else before, too, but we're drawing blanks.

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Video of the Week

This Rousing Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Trailer Will Give You Goosebumps

Phwoar, what a trailer this is. Sony's set to make a pretty big deal of of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection this holiday, and we reckon that this video is a darn good way to kick up some hype. Featuring clips from the trilogy of PlayStation 3 titles, it's a trailer that manages to capture the glory of Naughty Dog's superb series.