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There really isn't much to say about Kung Fury: Street Rage, other than that it can be a fun little distraction to sink your free time into. The game sees you take control of Kung Fury as he wallops, kicks, and shoots an endless wave of Nazi goons, racking up combos and points as he does so. You'll encounter a rather limited selection of enemies in your quest to beat the ever living snot out of people, from pesky footsoldiers to emotionless killer robot thingies.

The title's set pieces don't offer much in the way of variation, either – in fact, there's only one backdrop to accompany your violent exploits – and the game offers up a few different backing tunes that you can nod your head to as you play. The game's sound design and musical traits as a whole are shamelessly enjoyable, and – with the addition of the retrograded visual style – help make the experience as reminiscent of the cinematic source material as much as possible.

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The gameplay is fun enough for a short while, and those more dedicated to learning the tricks and flow of the release's combat – that is to say, the release, period – will no doubt be clambering over themselves to try and top the offline-only leaderboard's wacky cast of characters for hours to come. Less die-hard players, however, will feel more at home passing the controller around a group of friends and watching them struggle as they try not to immediately panic and lose all focus on the task at hand.

For the somewhat meaty asking price of £3.99 for non-PlayStation Plus members, though, we can't quite help but think that Street Rage just doesn't provide enough bang for your buck – even if it is considerably cheaper at $1.99 in North America. Any purchases do go towards the minds that made the brilliantly silly film project a reality, though, so there's that.


Kung Fury: Street Rage is an addictive and challenging beat-'em-up in the right hands, and a somewhat entertaining one for a night in with some drunken pals. The title's questionable price tag, though – coupled with its lack of any real substance beyond the basic concept of punching Nazis in the face really hard over and over again – makes it hard to recommend to anybody looking for something more than a moment's fancy.