Mighty No 9 PS4 PlayStation 4 3 Vita

The gameplay loop in Mighty No. 9 seems like it could be pretty alright, but we don't think that developer Inti Creates could have picked a blander art style for the Kickstarted release. This video shows a speed run of the opening level, and we love the boost to attack mechanic – but the whole thing has the appearance of a low budget digital download, which is ironic considering that creator Keiji Inafune is trying to flog it as the next big thing. There's a freakin' cartoon in the works for goodness sake!

The game's due out in September on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, where it'll be completely cross-buy compatible. If you fancy it, there'll be a PS4 retail release available, too, which will come with some bonus content in addition to the main game. In fact, publisher Deep Silver's even putting out a Collector's Edition in North America, which will include a numbered Beck statue and more. Pretty crazy for a game that looks like an Explodemon knock-off if you ask us.

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