Project Morpheus PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony's already said that Project Morpheus, the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset, will be available commercially in the first half of 2016 – but now Japanese newspaper Asahi has followed up, stating that it'll launch before June next year in the Land of the Rising Sun. Alright, it's the same information worded slightly differently, but it's nice to know that the organisation's plans haven't changed since the Game Developers Conference earlier in the year.

Perhaps most interesting about this little snippet is that the platform holder appears to be committing to a global rollout next year, which is surprising seeing as much of its promotional efforts have focused on the West thus far. Summer Lesson, the weird schoolgirl studying sim from Bandai Namco, was announced for the headset last year, but few other Japanese developers have jumped on the technology yet. Hopefully we'll see more from them soon.

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