Silent Hills P.T. PlayStation 4

P.T., one of the PlayStation 4's most memorable experiences to date, will be removed from the PlayStation Store next week. In a move no doubt orchestrated by Konami's clueless upper-executives, a message on the game's official website explains that the scare-fest's "distribution period will expire on Wednesday, 29th April". Assuming that you've "purchased" it in the past, you should still be able to see it in your download list beyond that point – so we'd recommend that everyone grabs it while they still can.

What this says about the future of Silent Hills, the sequel that it was designed to promote, remains to be seen – but with director Hideo Kojima on his way out, our confidence in this product is currently at rock bottom. And that's a shame, because we thought that this demo offered an outstanding hour of nail-biting entertainment – it even registered highly in our Game of the Year countdown. Sigh, what the heck is Konami doing?

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