On yer bike

Grand Theft Auto V's forthcoming Heists update will add more than just multi-layered missions to the online component of Rockstar Games' incredibly popular open world. The developer has announced that three new competitive playlists will be added to the release, which will unlock as you progress through the abovementioned objectives.

The first of these, Come Out to Play, sounds sort of like playground favourite cops and robbers, as one team of three attempts to escape from a second trio of pursuers. The twist is that the former has access to vehicles, but only one life apiece, while the latter must remain on foot – but can respawn infinitely. Sounds like a recipe for madness if you ask us.

The second addition is Siege Mentality, which sees a team of four holed up against six attackers armed with shotguns. It's up to the smaller-sized team to hold their location for as long as possible. The last option sounds the most fun, though: Hasta La Vista sees groups of cyclists attempting to outrun big-rigs baying for blood. Brilliant.

You can also expect a helping of fresh Freemode activities, each including familiar faces such as Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Meanwhile, there'll be daily objectives which will offer a rotating set of tasks every day. Finally, there'll be a new email messaging system implemented, which will allow you to stay in touch with friends.

The update's due out on 10th March, and will be free to download on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3. Most developers would charge for this sort of post-release support, but it sounds like Rockstar's making plenty from Shark Cards. In that sense, it's probably key to keep people playing, and we're sure that this will bring a lot of lapsed robbers back.

[source rockstargames.com]