Bloodborne PS4 Reviews PlayStation 4 Patch

Bloodborne is a smash hit, securing some seriously stellar review scores. However, as we reported last week, it does have some loading issues – and these have been mentioned in the reviews. In fact, according to Digital Foundry, it can take up to 45 seconds to respawn in Central Yharnam, which is not exactly ideal for a game that expects you to die over and over again. Fortunately, developer From Software's already on the case.

"The development team is currently exploring another patch for Bloodborne, seeking ways to improve load time duration, in addition to other performance optimisations and miscellaneous bug fixes," a statement from the Japanese studio said, as published by Just Push Start. If you don't want to wait for this update, our friends at note that switching out your bog-standard PlayStation 4 hard drive for an SSD can cut times down by some 25 per cent.

Seeing as you're going to be staring at the release's game over screen a lot, that may yet prove a worthwhile upgrade.

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