Okay, nobody panic, but we've got footage of one of Bloodborne's loading screens, and it ain't pretty. One of our very own users, TOMBOY25, managed to get his hands on the game early, and he's uploaded some direct gameplay footage to YouTube straight from his PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, a good quarter of this video is the loading screen itself, which clocks in at over 40 seconds long after TOMBOY25's killed by one of the title's rather horrific enemies. If you're keen to avoid as many incredibly minor spoilers as possible before the game's imminent release, we'd recommend skipping to the 1:40 mark.

Now, it's perfectly possible that there's a day one patch in the works that dramatically lowers the load times, but we thought that this needed to be brought to attention. Bloodborne certainly isn't an easy experience, and if all of the load times are this long – which, reportedly, they are – we could be in for a very bumpy ride indeed.

Funnily enough, we've just written a feature on the seven deadly sins of game design, and frustratingly long load times featured as one of our main examples. But what do you make of this? Could you handle sitting through this every time that you kick the bucket? Stare in disbelief in the comments section below.

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