While there have been definite improvements to the PlayStation Network over the past 24 hours or so, it's clear from social media that Sony is still having serious issues getting gamers back online. We can use our PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita without any problems here in the UK, but it would appear that we're among the lucky ones, as the Japanese giant's services are still offline for some.

The company has acknowledged this on its website, providing a status update that reads "intermittent connectivity". It explains: "Some latency may be experienced due to high volume." Writing on Twitter, the company recommends rebooting your system if you're still having problems, or even restarting your router. Otherwise, it's a case of twiddling your thumbs and waiting we guess.

At least it's getting some proper communication out right now, as we stated last week that a lack of correspondence from the company was the worst thing about this ongoing outage. Hopefully the firm's learning some hard lessons from these issues, because we're rapidly approaching the point where this just isn't good enough anymore – especially for a paid platform.

Update (00:00AM GMT): Sony's now recommending changing your MTU settings if you still can't connect, as our coverage revealed last week. You can follow the manufacturer's official steps through here.

Update (12:00PM GMT): Sony says that you should now be able to connect without needing to change your MTU settings. If you're still having problems, it recommends sharing your issues through here.

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