Les grandes équipes

For those of you that don’t know, the Champions League is like the Super Bowl of European soccer. The competition sees the continent’s elite compete to be crowned the king of club football – a spectacle that draws millions of spectators every year. PlayStation is one of the primary sponsors of the competition, with Konami’s popular Pro Evolution Soccer series holding exclusive rights to the tournament. It makes sense, then, that the platform holder’s preparing a special PlayStation 4 bundle based on the contest.

Unfortunately, this is exclusive to Japan right now, and will release alongside PES 2015: Pro Evolution Soccer later this month in the region. There’s no word on a price for the bundle just yet, but it will be available in white or black. As with previous Eastern exclusive hardware options, this comes with a custom face plate, decorated with various logos and slogans. To be honest, we’d pay good money for this if it also played the Champions League anthem when you press the power button.

PS4 Champions League

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